5 Reasons to Buy New

There is so much choice when it comes to real estate.  But there is just something special about buying something new.  We tend to go for new clothes, new furniture, new cars so why not new property?  This article will trumpet the virtues of new apartments and how you can benefit by getting yours.


1) Low Maintenance

Older properties will not only be worn-in but they’ll also be worn-down.  However, newer ones, by comparison, are cheaper to maintain since everything from the windows to the kitchen sink are new.

Also, with newer technology installed, new apartments are much more energy efficient, so you’ll be saving on the power bills and not having to do expensive repair work. 

2) Safety

All new apartments have to abide by the updated safety legislation, meaning safer in terms of personal safety and health.  So you can be sure that things like the fire safety legislation was in mind during the planning stage, asbestos isn't lurking in the walls or ceiling and combustible cladding wasn't used in the construction of your apartment. What's more, all the the devices such as fire alarms will be new and up to date ensuring you have peace of mind. 

Also, new apartments have key card access, so unwanted visitors will find it hard to breach. Say goodbye to pesky door-to-door sales people.

3) Statutory Protection from Builder

Work in Qld over $3,300 generally requires the builder to have home warranty insurance. And this is definitely the case for new apartments. In the event that there are any major defects, your investment will be covered under warranty. 

The QBCC (The Queensland Building and Construction Commission) will first pay out the claim and then pursue the builder.   

4) Location, Location, Location

With the price of property rising in our country, it’s getting harder to buy where we want to live.  Apartments solve this issue by providing well-priced and affordable units, by comparison, so that you can live where you want to live. 

Apartments are typically built near all the amenities - public transport, schools, cafes, supermarkets, parks, gyms meaning you won’t have to compromise on your life style.

5) Investment Potential

Apartments, being affordable, are a great step into the property market and their great location means you’ll find it easier to find good tenants - tenants who want to be close to everything we mentioned above. 

And finding good tenants is so important these days.  I mean you don’t want anyone messing with your investment.

6) They're New

Didn’t see this one coming did you?  New is the new ‘old’ - or something like that.  I love that new car smell when you buy new.  I love the smell of buying new electronics, new furniture.  And the smell of new apartments is absolutely divine, knowing that you are the first to move in. The kind of happiness you can only get from buying new. 


So there you have it - 6 reasons to buy new apartments.  

  • Low Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Statutory Protection from Builder
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Investment Potential
  • They're New

Perhaps, you have your own reasons that aren't on the list.  What's your reason? 

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